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Happily Married Couples
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Happily Married Couples

Kevin & Louisa Twohy

Kevin & Louisa have been happily married for 28 years and are the founders of Be - And Stay - Happily Married

Kevin and Louisa Twohy have been happily married for almost 30 years. With two grown children now "out of the nest", Kevin and Louisa are now able to devote much of their time and resources to fulfill their mission which is to "help create and sustain happy marriages for millions of couples, resulting in a more perfect world, through their example, books, and seminars".

As marriage educators, their work is inspired from talking and working with hundreds of individuals and couples over the years who asked them what were their "secrets" to being happily married. Marriages for almost all couples can be deeply satisfying and life-long lasting....if each partner understands what makes their spouse act and feel the way s/he does. This information ranges from biological/genetic foundations to spiritual awareness. Kevin & Louisa's efforts focus on providing that information, and they look forward to connecting and working with all couples.

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Happily Married Couples
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